Sickles Corp. has utilized a tightly integrated team approach to all of its project deliveries since the Company was founded in the early 1980’s. We recognize that healthy teams of qualified personnel perform head and shoulders above others who don’t value such an approach.

Sickles Corp. has carefully selected, trained, and reinforced the people who have the special skills needed to perform at a high level in the residential and commercial construction industry. By selecting the right people for the job, we have a head start over other construction firms. Our people know each other well, and they work closely each day to maintain excellent lines of communication.

This is possible through the use of the latest telecommunication equipment and systems.  All field personnel are equipped with wireless laptops that allow them to send and receive email, drawings, contracts, and other critical project information at a moment’s notice. Superintendents in remote locations are included in all project team meetings through the use of teleconference and video conference calls.

Weekly project team meetings allow team members to exchange information related to project status, critical issues, job cost and schedule information. These meetings are efficient, agenda driven exchanges that do not waste precious time, but allow team members to stay informed about the most important elements of each project.

The team we will assemble for your project will be uniquely qualifi ed to deliver your project as expected. Resumes for several possible team members are included on the following pages for reference.

Sickles Corp. also recognizes the important role the owner, design professionals, and trade contractors play in achieving project milestones and delivery goals. We strive to develop strong relationships with all project participants based on trust, understanding, and mutual respect throughout all phases of a project. We have found that bringing critical partners to the table early in a project reduces costly miscommunications and makes for a more enjoyable project life cycle.

Our team members have the experience, tools, and support to successfully deliver your construction project on time, on budget, and as expected, ensuring your total satisfaction.